About TermsFor.it

TermsFor.it is dedicated to providing web developers with simple and intuitive legal documents. We believe that is privacy is important, both for users and developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Privacy Policies Lawyer Reviewed?

Yes. Our base privacy policy has been reviewed and approved by professional lawyers specializing in online intellectual property.

However, it is still recommended that you have our generated policy reviewed by your own legal counsel. Every business is different and our base policy may need modifications to be perfectly compatible with your business.

Are your Privacy Policies compliant with CalOPPA

Yes. CalOPPA, or The California Online Privacy Protection Act, requires that websites disclose how they respond to Do Not Track Signals somewhere within the privacy policy. Our free base policy contains this language in under the Your Choices section. We default this selection to YES because any app using TermsFor.it should respond to DNT signals.

What’s included with the PRO upgrade?

Our PRO policies include specific clauses to cover legal aspects specifically related e-commerce and mobile app privacy issues. In addition, the PRO policy includes a raw HTML format and javascript embeddable format.

Do you support Internet Privacy?

Hell yes. We believe that online privacy is essential for maintaining a vibrant and healthy worldwide connection over the internet.

How do I get in Contact?

You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 888–794–2365.